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Is it the right driver job for you?

As a professional truck driver you have a skill set that is in high demand.  However, as you begin your job-search you may be overwhelmed by the clutter of job boards and ads promising you the world.  If you choose the wrong driver job you can easily move on to the next company however, most professional drivers prefer to avoid job-hopping. How do you choose the right opportunity for you?

The first step is to clearly think through what job factors are most important to you.  It may sound obvious, however many drivers don’t take that necessary step because the number of open driver jobs available is so overwhelming. Rather than taking time to prioritize thier needs in an organized manner, they choose to gamble with their careers. Does a predictable home-time schedule matter to you? If so, a carrier that picks up backhauls from brokers may negatively affect thier ability to offer a consistent schedule. Is having a dedicated tractor important to you? It may be worthwhile to confirm that the carrier you are considering has no intention to adopt a slip-seating policy. Need medical for you and you family? Don’t be willing to consider driver jobs without medical insurance just because the pay is good.

When you clearly understand what it is that you need in a job your odds of finding the right job increase greatly.  And once you do find it, it will be a place you can stay!

Properly target your search to fit what you want.  Finding the right tool, such as a job-site that offers the ability to ask questions about the job you are considering. A good driver job-site will allow you to search through quality jobs without all the flashing pictures and glitter that you see on common driver job boards.  Once you find a good driver job-site, visit it frequently as new opportunities should be posted daily. Jumping from board to board and posting to posting will lead to confusion and a less effective job search. 

Finally, when you do identify a right-fit opportunity for yourself, see the process all the way through.  A quality job may have several required steps, but it’s worth the effort for the right position. is the simplest way for professional drivers to find out about great driving jobs anywhere in the US. is owned and operated by Spectrum Driver Recruiters.


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